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Assalamualaikum. Hai semuaaa!

Kalau diberi pilihan, apa 5 barang yang paling korang nak sangat kat Lazada?

Mesti banyakk kannn? Hahhaha. Dah lah banyak gila barang kat Lazada. Rambang mata dibuatnya. Hahha. Berangan je lahh. Tapi, berangan tak salah kan? Kalau berangan sekali dengan usaha, Insya Allah, boleh dapat. hehe.

Jadi, aku nak listkan 5 barang yang aku nak sangat beli kat Lazada!



1) Samsung Smart Camera NX3000 Kit w/16-50mm lens Black

Rasanya korang pun tahu kot wishlist aku yang satu ni haaa. Nak camera compact tapi ala-ala DSLR. hahaha. Lepas tu boleh selfie and boleh buat video sekali. Screen dia haruslah boleh lah rotate sebab senang gila kot nak selfie. haha. 

Lagipun senang gini. Senang nak bawa travel. Tak seberat DSLR. Aaaa, banyaklah function dia. Kalau aku dapat seketul ni, boleh lah buat makeup tutorial. *wink*

Features NX300.

Tag&Go (NFC/Wi-Fi). Share photos effortlessly via Wi-Fi and NFC. Photo Beam lets you transfer photos instantly, and you can send whole albums with MobileLink. You can even save to your mobile device as you shoot with AutoShare.  

Remote Viewfinder. Pro The NFC-enabled Remote Viewfinder Pro turns your smartphone into a remote control. Adjust camera settings like shutter speed, exposure control, and more—all wirelessly from your smartphone.

16-50mm PZ Lens. Bundled with the NX3000 is the compact and incredibly portable 16-50mm PZ Lens. It has a power zoom button that makes zooming easier and more stable, so you can also shoot crisp and clear videos with confidence.

Lens Home Monitor. Keep an eye on your sleeping baby from another room with the Home Monitor+ app on up to 3 smartphones. If your son or daughter wakes up and cries, the NX3000 sends a notification right to your phone. 

1/4000s Shutter Speed. With a fast shutter speed of 1/4000 sec., you have the power to capture the decisive moments. So when your little girl is having the time of her life, you’ll know you’ll be able to capture her passing smile.

Full HD Video Recording (1080 / 30p). Shoot video Full HD (1920x1080p) at 30 frames per second with lifelike colour and extraordinarily sharp details. The H.264 format allows you to record longer MPEG-4 video, so you can capture more of the action.

5fps continuous shot. With the NX3000, you have the power to shoot a burst of images at 5 frames per second. So when you have less than a second to document that breathtaking dive, this camera has you covered from start to finish.

ISO 100-25600. The NX3000 shoots up to ISO 25600, making it very sensitive to light. That means you can take great looking, natural shots in tricky lighting indoors or even outside at night, with minimal noise or blur.

i-Function Control (i-Function Lens). i-Function Control quickly lets you adjust the WB, aperture, shutter speed, EV and ISO range with a single button and value ring on the lens. More advanced users can also program existing shortcut keys to their liking.  

Smart Mode. Start taking great shots, like perfect trails of light at night, or instantly capture a high-speed scene. Just a quick tap of Smart Mode and you’re set with various modes to shoot perfection.

2) Apple iPad Air 2 MH1C2ZP/A 16GB Gold (Wi-Fi + Cellular)

Mama komplen yang handphone dia kecik sangat. Susah nak tengok video. So, aku ingat nak belikan dia iPad satu. Senang sikit kalau nak buat rujukan mengaji. Sambil tu boleh aku tumpang sekaki. iPad Air yang ini ada Wifi dan Cellular. So senang nak guna kat mana-mana tempat. 

Features iPad Air 2

More work, less bulk

The Apple iPad Air 2, a model that is refined to perfection with subtle and simple touches. It now brings forth powerful hardware to work perfectly with applications available for consumers. Now, it is 6.1mm in thickness, thinner than the average pencil held by kids today. It is also lighter than its elder sibling, barely noticeable a mere 0.96-pound. You will hardly notice its weight, great for people who insist on traveling light.

Take home the iOS 8

Appreciate and run applications, further optimized by Apple’s iOS 8. One of the worlds most advanced mobile operating system to date. Its packed with plenty of features, making easy chore that much easier and intuitive. Read emails; send texts, videos or audios on the fly, exploit on-board applications such as Safari, Mail, iMovie, Garageband and more!

Keep working

It is more than just a tablet, it’s a tool capable of many great feats and the people of Apple has ensured the latest iPad Air 2 to stay powered to serve you longer. Though it is far thinner and smaller, it still provides the incredible 10-hours of service. This is due to the efficiency of both A8X and M8 processors, keeping energy consumption low, but productivity at a high.

3) Apple iPhone 6 128GB (Gold)

INI. Ini siapa je taknak kan? Hahhaa. Bilalah nak start kerja ni kan? Insya Allah, tak lama lagi. Boleh kumpul duit untuk kahwin and alang-alang tu boleh rembat iPhone 6 seketul. Wiwiwiwi.

4) Faber Stand Bowl Mixer FM 933 White

Aku suka baking even kekadang tak jadi. Aku suka ni sebab senang. Masuk je bahan-bahan. Lepas tu tunggu. Takdelah lenguh tangan nak mix. Ada je kat rumah mixer macam ni, tapi, entah kenapa, tak boleh pakai. Bila masuk bahan-bahan, dia macam stuck. Murah betul. haha.

5) Hengbo SC-5082T Barbecue Table Griddle Electric Raclette Grill Black

Aku pilih ni sebab senang nak buat steambot bbq. Mak aihh. Bestnyaaa boleh masak daging depan mata. Takyah nak bakar arang. haha. Steambot punya dah ada, grill je belum ada. Jimat sikit duit daripada makan kat Seoul Garden. MSG pun kurang. One dayy!

You can check out the products at Lazada This post is an entry for the ShopCoupons Blogger contest. Being hosted by ShopCoupons. Lazada voucher sponsored by Lazada Malaysia. 


Kalau korang, korang nak pilih yang mana kat Lazada? Mesti banyak nak pilih kan? Antara 5 pilihan di atas, mana yang paling korang suka? ^^

P/s: Aaaaa, lamaaa gilaaaa takkk blogwalking. My bad! :(
P/s/s: Rindu. 

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  1. kameraaa tuu nani teringin jugak ^^

  2. Kalu SS... SS nk beli Lazada tu... Hi hi hi...

    1. Hahahah SS memang best! Nak jadi toke Lazada la pulok!

  3. camera tu memang awesome...kalau dapat 1 memang syok hehe

  4. Alang-alang berangan baik usha yang nie terus


  5. amboiiii..wishlist die!! hahha..bole thnnnnn
    ..kt nk jgk cmra ala2 dslr tu..tp sony a5000..teringinnnnn sgt!!

  6. if i were to choose only 5, for FREE, haruslah kamera ipad iphone. yang lg dua tu baru fikir. hahaha high 5!

  7. moga tercapai impian...good luck scha!

  8. Semua benda ni pun best dan mahal. hehehe

  9. Schaaaaa!!!! Rindulah! Akak berkenan kamera ngan griller tu. Awesome!

    1. kan Kak Farrah.. camera skarang semua comel2..
      kalau dslr bulky sangat.. dia saja pnuh beg..

  10. All the best, Scha! Moga ada rezeki :)

  11. laaaaa...x perasan pun ada contest ni.. kalau saya, saya xtahu lah nak pilih apa.. haha. pilih jam je kot >.<

    1. amboi Amy.. dalam banyak2 tu nak jam saja ke ?
      tak kan nak pakai lima serentak =P

  12. Nasib baik tak minat nak beli apa-apa..:(

  13. Semoga apa yang dik scha impikan akan tercapai...

  14. samalah.. suka camera compact saja tak perlu dslr.. tak minat and tak reti guna..
    uish banyak camera compact skarang menggoda2 semuanya..
    tapi kena tahan diri buat seketika sebentar..

  15. salam kenal ya...senang bisa mampir disini... :)

  16. wow...keren-keren ya semua barang di lazada


Semoga Scha dapat BABY dengan secepat mungkin. Amin :)