When? -- Short film by Fadzlie Mustafa

by - Friday, January 17, 2014


Hi. Ya Allah, its been a long time since I haven't posted anything (is this correct?). Final year's life quite tough and hectic too, and I miss blogging so much. So, I decided to share with you one short film that's worth your time watching it. Trust me, I'm Syasya. Hehe.

Well, this short film was directed by my friend, Fadzlie Mustafa. Tak kenal sangat. Kawan zaman matrik dulu. And sekarang dia berjinak-jinak nak jadi pengarah! I must say this, he's quite talented. When you watch this, you'll agree with me. *nodded*

This movie project is set with the idealism of the corruption that is happening in today's modern world. The domino theory best explains the predicament of the violence that occur, when one crime is permitted another will occur. This movie "When?" is created in hope to raise awareness of the dangers and consequences of "turning a blind eye" towards crime. 

So, what's your opinion? Tell me laaaaa! :)

p/s: Doakan aku berjaya dalam viva next week! And then, holidayyy!

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  1. Because everyone are getting busy day by day, blog pun semakin dilupakan! Betul tak? :(

    Happy blogging! :)


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