who is auburn btw?

by - Sunday, February 06, 2011

entry nie dalam bahasa inggeris. kalau ada grammar mistakes, abaikan. buat-buat paham okay?


Auburn Williams is a black girl that have a really good talent. i mean in singging, song writng. yeah. she's good at it. i bet not everyone knows about her right? i tried to get any info about her, but, i cant. it turns out to be auburn the city. sighh. google oh google. dem yu.

so, i finally found her at www.callmeauburn.com

With her debut single “La La La,” featuring Iyaz, 21-year-old newcomer Auburn Williams establishes herself as an exciting new talent on the pop music scene. The song is an irresistible slice of urban-pop ear candy that doubles as a sassy empowerment anthem as it dismisses an in-your-face suitor with its irresistible “la la la” refrain. 

i first heard her song in radio. tittle, ALL ABOUT HIM. it sound so catchy and romantic. awww. im serius okay. just try hear this song.

and and and, you know what, her boyfriend is a chinese asian. damn sweet. can you imagine their baby looks like? damn cute huh?

so, whoever is IN LOVE. u should hear this songs. i bet you. keh keh keh. she's really popular in YouTube.  YouTube is like her channel to become popular. err, i guess? 


okay. im sucks with english. lain benor bila aku menulis dalam english. dem. ini entry adalah pertama dan terakhir aku tulis dalam english. kot......... erk...

pssst; whenever i listen to this song. im thinking about him. jeles tak? cepat jeles. keh keh keh. 

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  1. nak den check kan english ang tak??<---bajet power english;p

  2. @nazirulhazwan~ xpayah lah wei. sogan den.diam2 sudah. keh3

  3. yg nyanyi lagu perfect two tu ek?

  4. ok apa english syaz. cakap manglish pun tape. kita kan 1malaysia hehe syaz ngan sopi sama je suka auburn ni. lagu perfect two pun best jugak kan :)

  5. gua buat2 faham je la ye..kehkehkeh

  6. alamak! tk kenal la...saya dri dulu sampai sekarng tak minat lgu mat saleh....

    new entry: 2011: Tahun yang ajaib


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