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by - Friday, May 07, 2010

gambar tidak ade kena mengena dengan tag di bawah.

t's harder than it looks...
Copy to your own notes...
Erase my answers...
Enter yours and tag twenty (20) people...
Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions...
They have to be real...
Nothing made up...
If the person before u had the same first initial, you must use different answers...
You cannot use any words twice...
You can't use your name for the boy / girl name question...

1. What is your name :

2. A four letter word : Soot

3. A boy's name : Syah

4. A girl's name : Syasya

5. An occupation : Student

6. A colour : Smooth colour

7. Something you wear : Skirt

8. A food :

9. Something found in the bathroom
: Soap

10. A place : Spain

11. A reason for being late :
Skip classes

12. Something u shout : shittt!

13. A movie title : Semerah cinta Stilleto

14. Something u drink : Sky juice

15. A musical group : Simple plan

16. An animal : Singa

17. A street name : singapore street

18. A type of car : subaru

Next, tag people;

1. cik Fatin

2. cik ariEza

3. cik nEon

4. cik nadia dizarch

5. cik fana

6. abg epuL

7. cik tasha

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  1. wah wah... hidup mu penuh dengan tag ye.. ^__^

  2. mereka sungguh baik hati nak tag sy.

  3. naa di tag jge lahh . ajaa and beri yea . haha ;DD


Semoga Scha dapat BABY dengan secepat mungkin. Amin :)