its been a long time.

by - Wednesday, December 02, 2009

its been a long time that i havent write in this blog. now, im in sem two. so i have to work hard to achieve what i want. its really tiring and i feel like the whole weight is on me. my result is kinda okay. luckily matrix dont kick me out. hahaha. syukurrr.

a lot of things happen to me lately. i have to leave the person that i loved because of my parents and my future. i do really hope that he will understand me. but, i dont think he does. what a fate!

sem two is reallllyyyy hard! for physics i have to study electric for half of all the chapter. chemistry i need to study organic chemistry (alkane,alkne n etc) n for maths trigono,probability n etc. Ya Allah, please give ur servants little hepl n faith to finish this matrix. amin. my parents really count on me so i dont want to dissapoint them! I have to sacrifice things that i loved for the matrix. Please help me Ya Allah!

thats all. i mish my frens, atiqa,fana,syudh,tasha n so on. including youuu. =)
pray me here. and god will give u something back. hahaha. just kidding!

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Semoga Scha dapat BABY dengan secepat mungkin. Amin :)