Symptoms of Pretending to be Organized Disorder (POD)

by - Saturday, April 06, 2019

Assalamualaikum. Hai guys!

An organized home after a long day at work is what we sought for, giving us peace and clarity to enjoy the home. Imagine your house being up for sale and having all that clutter out of sight brings good and positive vibes to your potential buyers. However, there are pretenders who pretend to be organized with the facade of an organized life that masks many ugly truths. There are some signs that you are suffering from Pretending to be Organized Disorder (POD).

1) Your things are always missing but appear out of nowhere

You may look like you are always running around the house looking for your things through the cupboards and drawers of every corner. At times, your items don’t belong there because you want it to look squeaky neat and tidy. But, when it comes to finding your keys, your lipsticks or your favourite mug, the last place you will head to is the bathroom vanity. You probably wondering how did it get there and when the time is right, it appears.

2) Your bedroom is immaculate

Your tiny abode is where your stuff dreams are made of and we are talking about your clean sheets, uncluttered bedsides and the waft of your scented candle lingering across the air. While the surface sounds serene and dreamy, let’s move on to under your bed. All your clothes, your old toys, outdated magazines are piling under the bed like a scene from horror film. When you pushed the piles out from your bed, you will realize that it is a huge nightmare to un-clutter them.

3) You have books on organized but not in practice

You have probably read a book ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up’ by master organizer, Marie Kondo, she has recently gained fame from her tidying and organizing skills. Then, you found yourself nodding in agreement to many of her points. But, putting them into practice is still not even there yet and it is still marked ‘To Be Confirmed’ like any of your ‘To Do’ list. While you love the idea of being organized, but actually when you put it in practice doing it, you think it’s boring.

4) Your desk is over equipped with stationary that you never intend to use

Everyone loves a well-organized work desk with all their stationary and items in place. It sounds like you don’t need paper clips, don’t need stapler, don’t need hole puncher but who the heck cares. This illusion is pretty well-portray for an organized person like you. In reality, your computer desktop is decorated by 62 images and 59 folders to form an intricate tapestry of chaos.

5) You own a junk cupboard

While junk drawers are for rookies but when you could not fit anything else in, I moved on to a section of my linen closet. Now, my line closet contains an assortment of random things from cat carriers to past bills, socks to cushion inserts that I can’t face throwing out. Sound bursting it may seems, but any of your visitors try opening your junk drawers, they will probably have a headache looking at it.

6) Your garage looks full with your hoardings

Your garage supposedly able to fit two cars but due to your hoarding stuffs, a two cars garage becomes a one car garage. Your refusal of saying goodbye to your old boxes of junk has taken up the space of your garage. I understand where you are coming from and your commitment to only filling it one side. But with the spaces around, you can actually fit a car is consider a great achievement.

7) You often write to-do lists with ridiculously easy achievable goals

There’s always a to-do list and everyday it is filled with a list of errands or task of the day. However, your list of tasks are mostly about ‘eat lunch’, ‘drink water’, ‘work out’ or ‘eat dinner’, the list goes on with this kind of task. Nothing is more satisfying than crossing off your list of to-dos even it is not actually achieving anything.

So, ask yourself again. Are you pretending to be organized disorder (POD)? Is it a good or bad thing? How does it affect your life?

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