Food to Eat at Seah Im Food Centre

by - Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Food to Eat at Seah Im Food Centre

If you happen to be in Singapore, what good thing to eat? So let me suggest you some good places to feed your hunger in Singapore especially at Seah Im Food Centre!

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1. Eat 3 Bowls

Eat 3 Bowls is a stall that sells Braised Pork Rice, similar to what you see in Taiwan – Lu Rou Fan. The Braised Pork Rice her is served in a bowl of moist fluffy white rice and topped with braised meat, garnished with spring onions. The braised meat here is not overly fat or overly lean as they have great meat to fat ratio. The gravy that comes from the braised pork is so good that customers have been giving praises to how well it pairs with the rice.

 If rice is not your thing, go for the Intestine Mee Sua, which is similar to the oyster Mee Sua, minus the oyster. The gravy is savoury, vinegary and peppery, and goes well with the Mee Sua and intestine. 

The Salted Crispy Chicken is another must order from Eat 3 Bowls. The fried Salted Crispy Chicken is similar to the fried chicken served in Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks.

2. Aspirasi Food Stall

Aspirasi is one of the Halal food stalls in Seah Im Food Centre. They are famous with their Nasi Ayam Penyet. Fried chicken thigh served with fragrant white rice and drenched in their homemade sambal to give your tongue a kick. This plate of Nasi Ayam Penyet comes with a bowl of soup as well. The fried chicken thigh is well marinated and well coated with the crunchy batter. The sambal is not overly spicy and comes with a tinge of sweetness that most people would be able to tolerate. You can also help yourself with their crispy crumbs to go with your rice.

3. Farasha Muslim Food

Faraha Muslim Food is also one of the stalls that sells Halal food. The Maggie Goreng Tom Yum has created a buzz among the Malay community, claiming that it is delicious. The Maggie Goreng is filled with Tom Yum flavor and enough Wok Kei, served with a crispy and juicy deep fried chicken thigh.

4. Thaksin Beef Noodle

Thaksin Beef Noodle is a stall that sells Halal Thailand Beef Noodle. Each bowl of noodle comes with Kway Tiao and chucks of beef, served in beef broth that is addictively delicious. The beef noodle served here is definitely a right choice for those who crave for a warm and hearty meal. Do try their Beef Pad Thai if you prefer something dry. Thaksin Beef Noodle is definitely one of the stalls that you need to visit if you crave for Thai food.

5. Cheng Ji Chao Xia Mian Hao Jian

The Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee might look really sloppy but this plate of wet noodle consists of generous amounts of prawns and squid on top of the noodles. Squeeze the lime and mix the Sambal into the noodles to get the perfect balance of Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee. Other than the Fried Hokkien Prawn Noodle, oyster lovers can give the Oyster Omellete a try too.

6. Cai Ji Boneless Duck Rice Porridge

The braised duck is served with either yam rice or white rice, at your own choice. The yam rice here is fragrant and flavorsome, and pairs well with the boneless braised duck. The braised duck meat is moist, fork tender and flavorful after being braised in soy sauce for hours. If you are a meat lover, there are also the Platter for you to indulge in, consisting of braised duck, pig’s ear, pig skin and innards. If you do not feel like having rice, opt for porridge then.

7. Tian Ji Niang Dou Fu

Yong Tau Hu is a well known comfort food, especially during rainy days or for those who are sick. Unlike other Yong Tau Fu stalls, Tian Ji Niang Dou Fu serves bowls with fixed ingredients, consist of fish balls, fish cakes and fried crispy tofu. You get to choose whether to have it served soupy or dry, and your choice of noodle – mee pok, mee kia, yellow noodles or bee hoon. Try their Laksa broth if you prefer something spicy.

Do check out Seah Im Food Centre if you happen to be in the district. If restaurants in Sentosa Island are too expensive, you can always opt to dine in at Seah Im Food Centre as the prices for food here are much more affordable. You will definitely be full and satisfied. Most importantly, they taste good and will leave your taste bud really happy.

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