My shopping experienced with Lazada voucher!

by - Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Assalamualaikum. Hai guysss!

*post is in English. Saja nak acah-acah omputih sikit*

The word ‘Shopping’ makes our eyes pop-up, who can get over shopping. Rather, we always find a reason to shop. Things are easier in this generation; we actually don’t have to waste our time running behind the crowds or just to wait for our products to come back to stores. I am kind a person who always finds a reason to shop either may be a party or travelling. But, problem comes when you end up spending huge amount of bucks on single products. Or, the thing we need to wait the whole year to get discounts on the stores. Am I right? 

However, things are easier in tech generation, Internet provide us the convenient way to shop online, whenever we want it. Anyone who shop needs to be smart, they should know how much amount they are spending on single products. Last week, I came across, which brings all the brands under one roof into single site where we can find Lazada Voucher.

Lazada is one of the most popular online retail stores in Malaysia that provides its customers with access to the latest products in the market.

Isn’t that great? You have all the finest name in this site. is a discounted site where you will get all kinds of discounts in every other brand you like. I swear! This is something dream come true. Who can ever think of this?

When my friend asked my opinion on buying camera on net but on limited budget, I suggested her to go check this voucher codes website. While scrolling down Lazada site we came across 10% discounts on electronics item. Don’t believe me, see it yourself!

All she had to do is to select the desire camera from and have to click on the GET VOUCHER and it will open a new tab with the voucher.

You need to copy the voucher and paste in the payment option, the amount will deduct. Tell me that it isn’t good?

My friend is really really happy!

I must say voucher codes are indeed a very easy to use without any hiccups and most important there is no hidden terms and conditions. Always had been a failure with other coupon sites and always end up paying with no discounts. And, contacting them was again a big task, well you guys know it right??

Anyways! Whatever happens happens for good! I am happy all thanks to

p/s: Giveaway Sayang winners will be announce soon! 

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  1. Hai scha. Lama tak muncul. Ihikssss :D

  2. maybe CT je la kot paranoid untuk beli gadget thru online..
    sbb nak belek nak pgg hehehe..
    other things yes.. beli online xda masalah..


Semoga Scha dapat BABY dengan secepat mungkin. Amin :)