I like Nippon Paint because.....

by - Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I like Nippon Paint because it has many variety of colours and products that I can choose from. For your information, I love PINK soooo much. You can tell it from my blog. Its PINK. most of it is PINK. okay. i had say it for the third time. I dont know why I can get to obsessed with PINK. even my mom got sick of it. I admit it.

I have a biggggg room! My mom decide to make the master bedroom as my bedroom since my parents kinda comfortable to use downstairs bedroom as their bedroom. well, they hardly can't climb the stairs to go to bed. so, they gave it to me. plus, I dont have any siblings. Its mine completely.

But, I got one major problem. I can't decorate my room. Got no money, lack of ideas how to decorate it and I always wanted my room be colourful or PINK-ish. I really like soft colours. I really do. Its kinda make me cool, calm and cheerful. What ever colours it is, as long as it soft, I would loveee it! 

I choose Nippon Paint to be part of my room because,

1) Its odourless.

Okay. I really hate the smell of paint actually. It can make my nose goes itchy.  But, with Nippon Paint, it does smell good! It has no odour and my nose is no more longer itchy. woohooo. I want it. Really want it.

2) It absorb formaldehyde!

Do you know that formaldehyde come from our furniture can really effect our health? With Nippon Paint Odour-less Air Care, it can get rid of formaldehyde and make our room free from formaldehyde. It convert them into water vapour and bring us a healthier environment. Its cool right? 

Others benefits of Nippon Paint Odour-less Air Care.

a) Anti-Bacterial
b) Washable and scrub resistance
c) eggshell finish

3) Its eco-friendly!

Nippon Paint has taken a new steps to lead the world into the safest and healthier place. why i say this? Because they are inventing paint that will no harm our environment. It make our earth more greener! Isn't it cool? We must preserve what we have now, if not, what will we show to our grandchildren if there is no trees, forest or waterfall? It is sad! Together with Nippon Paint we make the earth more greener.

4) Many product and colours to choose from!
Wow, as I explore Nippon Paint Official Website, I cant decide which product should I choose. It has manyyyyy! The colours are also stunning and have many choices. and from the Colour Trends 2011, I really attractt with Sky's The Limit trend. The colour is so soft and suit my souls. and oh, it has to be PINK!


Some of the products! Just take your time and choose!
Scroll down please!

So, Mr Blobby that are super duper cute, please help me to change my room as the way I want it. I want is so badly. I would be very happy if I win! You all will cheer up my dayy!

Oh my, is so cute especially the PINK. would you accompany me in bed? 

would you like to see my bedroom?

 my wall is plain. its actually green. but, it became fade as the time goes by.

 my bed. okay. there is an extra bed if my friends come sleepover at my house.

the other parts of my room.

buyat the bear, always accompany me in bed since im alone. without him, I will be lonely. would Mr. Blobby accompany me and buyat? especially the PINK. muahahahaha.

more info about Nippon Paint,
like the Facebook Page,
Nippon Paint Blobbies.
and Nippon Paint Official Website.

Thank You Nippon Paint and Nuffnang!


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  1. aaaaa ni macam kontes je kan kan. heee

  2. @fairuz yeapp. kontes. doakan aku menang wei!

  3. pergh..semgt hang kan nak memang..wakaka

  4. nipp0n mmg terbaek !! hee , gud luck syazana :)


  5. Wow u have a large bedroom ^^
    yeah i also wish i have a nippon paint so I can make my room more cheerful~

  6. why not:)


Semoga Scha dapat BABY dengan secepat mungkin. Amin :)